June 2019

Happiness and satisfaction

What we talk about as “happiness” is actually a set of biochemical reactions that happen inside our brains. About half of those are determined by our genetics, but the other half can be trained and improved. There are many ways to train your happiness, but I find two especially important: Noticing good things around you…more

Danish Folk High Schools

A Danish Folk High School is “a non-formal residential school offering learning opportunities in almost any subject.” More generally, it’s a place where post-high-school age students can go live for a while and learn about community practices together. The book The Nordic Secret argues that the invention of the folk high school in the 19th…more

Prosocial and cultural change

Prosocial is “a change method based on evolutionary science to enhance cooperation and collaboration for groups of all types and sizes that’s effective at a global scale.” It combines Elinor Ostrom’s insights about the behaviors of effective groups with evolutionary science and theories of change–moving toward or away from goals, with visible and internal reactions–that…more

Seshat Global History Database

Interesting database of the evolution of several cultures around the world–when they developed which technologies, religious beliefs, political systems, etc.

A Beautiful Future

Alex Steffen–futurist, author, founder of Worldchanging–believes that imagining a beautiful future is the key to saving humanity in the coming climate crisis: Above all, the desire to make things beautiful…is a thing people are willing to fight for. One way to look at the planetary crisis is to create something beautiful at the level of…more