Danish Folk High Schools

A [Danish Folk High School](https://www.danishfolkhighschools.com/about-folk-high-schools/what-is-a-folk-high-school) is “a non-formal residential school offering learning opportunities in almost any subject.”

More generally, it’s a place where post-high-school age students can go live for a while and learn about community practices together.

The book _[The Nordic Secret](https://www.nordicsecret.org/)_ argues that the invention of the folk high school in the 19th century is key to the rise of the once-poor Nordic societies since then. The “folk-bildung” it developed can be described as “[character formation, cultural heritage and developing a moral backbone all in one](https://nordicbildung.org/folk-bildung/).”

A sense of belonging; a connection with nature; social responsiblity; conscience and morality–how many of these are lacking in our current education systems?