just a quick note for now–i’ve been making the argument lately that it doesn’t matter what you KNOW; what matters is what you CAN know on command, for instance with an instantaneous connection to the internet hardwired to your brain. but the problem with that is i’m not sure that attitude will create the kind of rich knowledge i personally want to have. consider this article in the ny times, which says that the decline in oratory and poetical tradition has robbed our society of eloquence, reducing us to the “literature” of online gibberish found in blogs (like this one) and internet chat rooms. but then we are left to speak to others in the real world, and i doubt that any computer, Turing-test-approved or not, will ever possess the creativity and intelligence to artfully weild the english language in conversation.

interestingly, also in today’s ny times there is an article on a crusader for the decapitalization of the word “internet”. we’ll have to be very careful to avoid the complete loss of our literary traditions.

ok, c u l8r! ttyl, bob.