Mount Umunhum opening at last

In 2004 I headed up Mount Umunhum for the first time, hoping to conquer my last Peninsula summit. Unfortunately [I was thwarted by the private land which blocked the road](, tantalizingly close to the summit.

Thirteen years later, and thanks to [lots of hard work]( by the Midpeninsula Regional Open Space District ([donate here]( =) and [the voters of Measure AA last year](, [Mount Umunhum is finally set to open to the public for the first time on September 17](

The Grand Opening ceremony is fully booked, but starting September 18 the summit (and the road there) will be open to the public. Exciting!

In other news, the famous red barn familiar to riders of Highway 84 West will soon become part of [the new La Honda Creek Open Space Preserve](, with 6 miles of hiking trails. Great news.