Observations about Tibet

From the film Tibet: Cry of the Snow Lion

Monks read scriptures from short, really wide sheets of paper

Tibetans are really fighting a war for their inner peace; the ability to practice Buddhism. That can’t be fought by the West or anyone else…though a homeland could be.

In central, flat Tibet, farmers use donkeys harnessed together to grind the wheat by walking on it.

The Tibetan people look and act more like Peruvians than Chinese or Indians, their neighbors in Asia.

Great quote: “For centuries our best minds, our saints and our philosophers concentrated all their time and energy to understanding the nature of the mind. And who can say which would really matter in the end–the landing on the moon or the understanding of the mind?” – Lhasang Tsering

Also, the Dalai Lama really sounds like Yoda when he speaks English. Sorry, but it’s true; yet another reinforcement of the links between Buddhism and Star Wars