What a world we live in

A fruit salad tree…bears up to six different fruits of the same family on the one plant. All fruits retain their own individuality, with staggered ripening times. – The Fruit Salad Tree Company

How fresh legs feel

Floating bikes

Make your own planet

A fun tool takes Google Streetviews and morphs them into planet-like objects:

Science |

I love that chocolate milk is now positioned as a sports drink. I’ve long been a fan, actually…

Quantum-sized quantum researchers

Jonathan Keats continues to blow my mind:

“Until today science has been completely dominated by one species,” says Keats, an experimental philosopher and former director of the Local Air & Space Administration…”People may not be biologically equipped to understand the universe at a fundamental level, he contends. “Other species might be better adapted to the task.”

Keats believes that the most promising candidates are bacteria…”But they need facilities,” says Keats. While their minuscule size lets them experience quantum phenomena on a first-hand basis, they have no natural way of exploring the galaxies….

“Rows of petri dishes filled with brackish water – teeming with cyanobacteria – will be set up atop a flat screen monitor laid flat on its back. The monitor will glow with images of the cosmos provided by the Hubble Telescope.”

Driving Mr. Giant

Today I learned: Samuel Beckett (Nobel Prize-winning modernist playwright, Waiting for Godot), used to drive Andre the Giant to school, because the future wrestler was already too big to fit on the school bus.

Winning the internet

John Kilduff (previously mentioned) just keeps pushing the human race forward; this time blending margaritas and painting at the same time…while cycling through a park). And crashing sometimes.

“We ran out of ice, we ran out of everything…but we didn’t run out of passion!”

Wisdom and experience

“Good judgement comes from experience. Experience comes from bad judgement.” – Mulla Nasrudin, via Jared Spool

Celebrity brainstorming tips

I think we can learn a lot from this short documentary on brainstorming:

  • The difficulty of brainstorming over VC and phone
  • The need to provide reliable lunch opportunities
  • The danger of “celebrity” participants
  • How thinking visually makes your ideas stick
  • The perils of bringing in previous ideas
  • That sometimes not deferring judgement is best…

Bob Bike Shop

Awesome: there’s an entire range of cycling clothing with my name all over it.

Christmas is coming, folks…